Organic Weed Control Techniques

Weeds are simply plants that we don’t consider desirable in our gardens. They compete with garden plants for nutrition, moisture and space. Most soils are banks of weed seeds. When we cultivate the soil in our organic gardens, we help the weeds germinate. How can you combat this huge seed bank in your soil? Here are some organic gardening techniques for weed control:

Mulch: Using a healthy layer of mulch in your garden beds is a great way to keep weeds under control. You can use grass clippings, chipped branches, beauty bark, hay, leaves or compost. Apply it thickly so that it keeps sunlight from reaching the soil. This will prevent weeds from sprouting.

Hand Weeding: Good old-fashioned human labor is a great way to get some exercise and clear your organic garden of any undesirable plants.

Barriers: Laying a barrier of plastic or newspaper down around your organic garden plants will block weeds. Newspaper is preferable because it is organic and can be turned into the soil in the spring. Wet the newspaper down as soon as you place it to stop it from blowing away, and then cover it with a layer of straw.

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