A week doesn’t go buy that I don’t hear this comment from a new home candidate looking to purchase their 1st home.  We have all heard the horror stories of Neighbors gone mad and taking rules to extremes.  It can happen.

Home Owner Associations, otherwise known as HOAs are here to stay!  If you are looking at a Brand New Home, unless it is way out in the country, you are going to have an HOA.  HOAs are designed to protect your investment by maintaining some standard of living/maintenance on the homes in the community.  Nothing could be worse than to spend $170,000 for a beautiful home only to watch the neighborhood go down hill due to lack of maintenance.  Homes that let the yards go to weeds, don’t paint, change their oil in the driveway leaving black marks on the driveway and in the street, etc. 

If a client insists that they cannot have an HOA, my first question is Why?  Do you drive a tractor trailer and have nowhere to park it?  Most cases you can leave it at your last stop and drive your personal car that gets better gas mileage to and from or have your spouse pick you up.  Do you own a bus company and need to build a bus barn?  Chances are you are better off, keeping your business life and personal life separate.  Why not look into some commerical land to house your fleet?  Do you want to raise livestock?  Then city living is not for you.  You are not going to be able to raise chickens, goats, etc in Frisco, Plano, Dallas, or the surrounding areas.  You are going to have to move out to the country and buy a preowned home or build on your own land.  Do you have a RV, boat, or other adult toys that you plan to park at home.  Most HOAs will allow temporary parking while you load/unload your vehicle.  As far as permanent storage, if it cannot be seen from the street, you usually can get away with it.  They do make storage facilities just for these types of toys too.  For a small fee, they will even do some routine maintenance in some cases.

Bottom line, HOAs are a good thing.  They help keep neighborhoods looking as good as the day the homes were first built.  Don’t see it, just drive through a community that was built in the 1970s and notice the varying degree of the pride of ownership in the community. 

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